APL Healthcare is an Excellent Online Source for Those Looking to Purchase an Automated External Defibrillator in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne

Whether you manage an office full of workers on computers or you run a retail shop selling swimwear, emergency procedures are essential to maintain. You never know when a sudden emergency will develop, and keeping your place of business prepared for a wide variety of medical situations is always a good idea. After all, it’s not uncommon to stock a first aid kid as a general precaution against everything from minor burns to cuts and scrapes. What if someone suddenly goes into cardiac arrest in your store, though? A first aid kit isn’t going to be enough in that kind of scenario. Instead, there should be an automated external defibrillator in your Brisbane location to assist in the immediate initial treatment of the victim.

Frequently more and more businesses are finding reasons to install these devices on their premises. Although the likelihood of someone going into cardiac arrest in your business is low, it never hurts to be ready for every possible situation. Australian First Aid provides an easy and affordable way to purchase these devices for your business. In addition to our purchase options, we have a free programme for familiarising yourself with their proper usage through Australian First Aid. With training and the right automated external defibrillator for your Melbourne location, you’ll be well prepared.

Why you should keep an automated external defibrillator in your Sydney office for safety

There are three key reasons as to why you should consider putting an automated external defibrillator in your office location, especially if you are located in a high-rise building.

  1. Self-diagnostic abilities. The automated external defibrillator units we sell are capable of automatically diagnosing whether or not the medical emergency at hand is correctable with its capabilities. This reduces user stress and increases the usefulness of the device.
  2. Quick thinking matters in cardiac emergencies. Even if a medical crew is en route, it may be several minutes before they can arrive — more if they’ll need to ride an elevator up to your office. In a situation involving sudden cardiac arrest, having an automated external defibrillator in your Sydney office could make all the difference.
  3. Low maintenance costs. After your initial investment, replacement pads are often the only thing your AED will need. Its own self-test capabilities will alert you if any other maintenance is necessary. In general, though, these devices are stable long term.

Act today and make your purchase

Whether you choose to buy the HeartOn A10 or the A15 model of automated external defibrillator online from APL Healthcare, you will receive a quality product that will better prepare your office for any eventuality. Our training units are also excellent for team-building and learning experiences for your entire staff. Our goal here is to put the power to save a life in more hands — because the more people there are out there in reach of an automated external defibrillator, the safer we all are! Browse the rest of our site and catalogue today. Visit our contact page if you need to get in touch.