Australian First Aid Presents:

The Annual

To celebrate  the contribution of both employers and their trained First Aid team members to workplace safety, Australian First Aid in association with APL Healthcare and Emergency Dynamics is establishing the annual ‘Australian First Aid Awards’ in recognition of outstanding first aid and resuscitation outcomes, either achieved or attempted by trained first aiders.

This unique award system will also recognise the invaluable contribution of employers who strive to achieve a safer workplace through the provision of quality first aid facilities and training for their staff.

Recognition of First Aiders

We believe the commitment, courage and excellence demonstrated by first aiders in the saving of a life, or attending to challenging medical conditions and injuries of others should be recognised and rewarded beyond the obvious gratitude of the person who received the emergency care and their family. These awards will honour the outstanding efforts of first aiders who apply first aid in difficult circumstances.

Recognition of Employers

We also believe that employers should receive formal recognition for their investment and the contribution made to the safety of their employees, clients and other visitors to their workplace. These awards will honour employers who set an exemplary standard in providing for first aid in their workplace.


Five Award Categories

Presented on October 19, 2018

Resuscitation Award

Awarded for first aiders involved in a successful resuscitation outcome for a person suffering either a cardiac or respiratory arrest that results in that person leaving hospital.

First Aid Encouragement Award

Awarded for an outstanding response to a resuscitation attempt.

First Aid Excellence Award

Awarded for an outstanding response to a major first aid incident involving the management of an *acute medical condition, major trauma to an individual, or to multiple casualties within their workplace or community.

*Eg. acute asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetic emergency, heart attack, seizure, assisting a normal Childbirth, venomous bites and stings.

Employer First Aid Initiative Award

Awarded to the employer who provides the most outstanding first aid training and equipment initiatives within their workplace or community.

Schools First Aid Initiative Award

Awarded to the school who provide the most outstanding first aid and equipment initiatives for their students, staff and visitors. This can also include initiatives for school excursions.

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