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The statistics are, surprisingly, kind. According to the Queensland Health Department, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – most commonly called CPR – is an effective response to a variety of medical conditions, increasing overall survival rates and delivering long-term benefits. 44% of all in-house hospital applications are successful, and out-patient numbers are also strong (when compared to similar methods):

  • Respiratory Failure: 18.9% Success Rate.
  • Heart Condition: 16.2% Success Rate.
  • Head Injury: 7.2% Success Rate.
  • Acute Renal Failure: 2.7%

These statistics showcase the importance of immediate CPR responses – and they also showcase the need for CPR courses in Brisbane, CPR courses in Sydney, and CPR courses in Melbourne. To learn more contact Australian First Aid.

Since 1988 we’ve offered our students the skills they need to both assess and respond to cardiac situations. We connect men and women to qualified instructors, comprehensive content, and accommodating methodologies (choose CPR courses online or on-site). Emergency situations demand quick care – and we ensure that individuals can now provide that care, improving their work and home environments.

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Embracing Safety: Choosing a CPR Course in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Beyond

According to Take Heart Australia, approximately 30,000 individuals suffer from some form of cardiac arrest each year. To provide these individuals with the support they need, we recommend CPR courses online. These classes offer crucial insights into first aid and respiratory care, emphasising:

  • Emergency Situation Assessment.
  • Airway and Breathing Management.
  • Performing Chest Compressions.
  • Rescue Breath Administration.
  • Applying an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and more.

Our CPR courses in Melbourne and CPR courses in Brisbane provide students with a solid basis in first aid – allowing them to quickly (and correctly) respond to emergency situations.

Complementing Our Courses: Using an AED

During each CPR course in Sydney, we’ll offer our students hands-on training with AED devices. These portable options are essential during cardiac incidences, diagnosing specific arrest patterns (such as tachycardia or arrhythmia) and applying electrical controlled electric shocks to establish safe rhythms.

Upon completing our CPR course, we recommend that individuals choose an AED for their home or office – providing themselves (and others) with crucial protection. The Automated External Defibrillator Deployment Registry notes that approximately 75% of all cardiac incidents occur in public spaces. Having fast access to a device, therefore, is necessary to combat heart attacks, coronary spasms, ischemias, and other events. We offer a wide range of products, each intended to promote ease and precision.

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