Australian First Aid Emphasises the Need for First Aid Certificates in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Choose Online and On-Site Training Today.

Safety is all too fleeting, especially for children. According to a report from Kids First Aid, approximately 58,000 youths are hospitalised each year with unintentional injuries (and more than 250 of these boys and girls will die from those injuries):

  • 38,000: Glass-Related Incidents.
  • 5,00: Fall-Related Incidents.
  • 2,000: Poison-Related Incidents.
  • 1,500: Finger Jam-Related Incidents (includes a high risk of amputation).
  • 1,000: Burn-Related Incidents.
  • 10,000: Associated Incidents (including choking, asthma, and road accidents).

The prevalence of unintentional injuries is high and it demands immediate responses from those within the childcare and educational fields. Pursuing a first aid certificate in Brisbane, a first aid certificate in Sydney, or a first aid certificate in Melbourne becomes a necessity – and Australian First Aid provides support for those seeking critical skills.

We are the premier provider of first aid certificates online. Since 1988 we’ve offered our students a comprehensive course – delivering crucial training for emergency responses. Our instructors engage, inspire, and educate through a compelling blend of on-site and virtual training, and they ensure that men and women receive the core skills they need to promote safety in all childcare environments.

To provide further safety, we connect our students to a series of health and wellness products – all intended to complement the training earned through a first aid certificate in Brisbane or a first aid certificate in Sydney. These products (which include kits, supplies, and resuscitation equipment) provide security for every classroom.

Seeking a First Aid Certificate in Melbourne and Beyond: Our Course

To provide our students with the training they need, we offer first aid certificates online. This extensive course promotes qualified incident response management and medical assistance, providing:

  • Emergency Situation Assessment.
  • Breathing Management.
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Techniques.
  • Medical Condition Management (including diabetes and epilepsy).
  • Allergic Reaction Management.
  • Fractures and Spinal Injuries Management.
  • Venomous Bites and Stings Management.
  • Critical Incident Debriefings, and more.

Through these skills, students receive a stable safety foundation – with first aid certificates in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond offering improved responses to all childcare issues.

Our first aid certificate course online features no prerequisite units. Students should prepare, however, to dedicate between 8 to 16 hours to pre-work training, classroom training, and assessment.

Choosing First Aid Products

After achieving a first aid certificate in Melbourne or Sydney, students can then take advantage of our world-class products – with our team offering a diverse selection of supplies and equipment. During an emergency, these items will ensure efficient (and effective) medical responses.

Considering a First Aid Certificate in Sydney and Beyond? Contact Australian First Aid Today.

Injuries are all too common within the childcare and education fields. First aid training, therefore, is essential – helping individuals quickly assess and react to every situation. To learn more contact Australian First Aid today on 1-300-975-889 or email us at Send an enquiry to request further information about our first aid certificates online.