First Aid Fast

Now there’s a better way

First Aid Fast, powered by Australian First Aid represents a fresh new approach to First Aid learning.

AFA has recognized the need to teach community’s with fundamental first aid skills in an informal time efficient manner. With today’s busy schedules, families in particular do not have the time to sit in a classroom environment for 6-7 hours and participate in First Aid accreditation. First Aid Fast is a more simple way to learn, in a fun and informal environment, providing new life saving skills.

First Aid Training can be great fun, and provide a great team building or family activity.

The course will focus on key principles of First Aid as contained in the First Aid Fast Flip Chart, and will be delivered in approximately 3 hours. Everyone enrolled will be given hands on training, as well as e learning options they can utilize in their own time.

Training can be delivered on site for groups of 10 or via a range of public venues/dates.