Learn how to Use an AED Online or Buy a Defibrillator for Your Business in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane

The moment someone begins to have a heart attack is always shocking and upsetting, whether you are simply a bystander or you personally know the victim. In this critical situation, it takes acting fast and thinking quickly on your feet to save a life. While emergency services personnel will always try to respond as soon as they can, minutes matter most in the case of a heart attack or other cardiac emergency. What can you do? If there is a nearby AED defibrillator, you can help with a minimal amount of technical knowledge. These incredible modern technologies can diagnose problems with the rhythm of a person’s heart automatically. If it detects a correctable problem, it can administer the appropriate electrical shock, again automatically. This can and does save lives!

Knowing how to use one of these devices before a situation arises is a good step to take towards being prepared for an emergency. Australian First Aid offers a free way to learn all about using an AED defibrillator online. If you are living with a cardiac patient and want to provide a home safeguard, we also offer a way for you to purchase a device for shipment direct to your door through APL Healthcare.

Keeping an AED defibrillator on-site in Melbourne just makes good sense

Making the choice to put an AED defibrillator in your Melbourne restaurant or business is only the first step. From there, you need to purchase one of these devices. At APL Healthcare, we focus our mission on bringing affordable AED units to consumers across the country. To that end, we have a few different models available based on your needs. Also, we have package deals that come with all the accessories you need, such as a secure cabinet.

If you are planning on educating a few people in the operation of an AED defibrillator in Brisbane, take a look at the trainer units we offer. These simulate what using an AED is like and provides both practical experience and an opportunity to build confidence. When members of your team know exactly what to do, it makes responding appropriately to an emergency that much simpler. Don’t forget to check out the complimentary online training course we offer at Australian First Aid, too.

Make your purchase today — it could save a life

Keeping an AED defibrillator around in Sydney is never a bad idea. With the increasing risk of cardiac disease and heart attacks, it never hurts to prepare a location for the unexpected. Because we honestly believe that it should be easier to afford an AED for any site that requires one, we work hard to provide competitive prices. Making it simpler for businesses and schools alike to acquire a defibrillator is our goal. Browse our full catalogue now and make your purchase — we’ll ship it straight to you. Need to speak to someone before you place an order? We’re standing by for your call on 1300 727 580.