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Safety demands more than immediate responses. Instead, it commands qualified responses – with educators, carers, and employers applying experience to every situation. To promote wellness in every environment, individuals must offer incident management skills …read more .

Learn how to Use an AED Online or Buy a Defibrillator for Your Business in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane

The moment someone begins to have a heart attack is always shocking and upsetting, whether you are simply a bystander or you personally know the victim. In this critical situation, it takes acting fast and thinking quickly on your feet to save a life …read more .

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Whether you manage an office full of workers on computers or you run a retail shop selling swimwear, emergency procedures are essential to maintain. You never know when a sudden emergency will develop, and keeping your place of business prepared for a …read more .

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When you are responsible for ensuring that the community centre in which you work has reliable safety procedures in place, it doesn’t take long to discover that there are many things to consider. After all, safety is a complex issue. You must think about …read more .

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If someone were to suddenly go into cardiac arrest in a public place you were passing through, would you know what to do? If you have never undertaken CPR training, you might not feel confident enough to attempt life-saving procedures due to fears about …read more .

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Each day as people go about their business across Australia, individuals make safety a top priority. We may not always think about the habits we have for being safe, but whether it is on the road or the job, everyone does their best to avoid being hurt. …read more .

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The statistics are, surprisingly, kind. According to the Queensland Health Department, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – most commonly called CPR – is an effective response to a variety of medical conditions, increasing overall survival rates and delivering …read more .

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Establishing workplace safety is crucial. Too often, however, do employers struggle to implement successful strategies, with their own environments undermining every attempt. According to a recent study from Safe Work Australia, the presence of cardiovascular …read more .

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Necessity defines every second. In the wake of an emergency, every response must be quickly given and every decision must be precisely made – with lives depending on the efficiency and effectiveness of medical providers. Too often, however, do these …read more .

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Take a moment to picture this scenario. You’re out taking a walk in the evening, enjoying the weather and the setting sun. Suddenly, a nearby cyclist is struck by a vehicle in an accident. It’s clear that the cyclist has a broken leg and some …read more .

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There are many different settings where a first aid emergency is more likely to occur. If you work in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne in education, outdoor recreation, or in community care, it is probably a requirement that you learn proper first aid. …read more .

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Safety is all too fleeting, especially for children. According to a report from Kids First Aid, approximately 58,000 youths are hospitalised each year with unintentional injuries (and more than 250 of these boys and girls will die from those injuries) …read more .

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Depending upon your field or trade and where you live, you may be required to have some form of formal first aid training. You can get all of the education you need when you enrol in a first aid course online at Australian First Aid. We have been providing …read more .

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Teachers and those working in support roles in the field of education are required to have some sort of first aid training to be employed. Australian First Aid provides a variety of first aid courses for Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne area educators …read more .

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You can schedule first aid training online right now at Australian First Aid, the nation’s leader in first aid education. Since 1988, we have been offering a variety of courses in basic first aid and have grown to now provide all sorts of training …read more .