Looking for the Best CPR App for iPhone and Android Phones? Look No Further Than First Aid Fast

If someone were to suddenly go into cardiac arrest in a public place you were passing through, would you know what to do? If you have never undertaken CPR training, you might not feel confident enough to attempt life-saving procedures due to fears about doing it improperly. However, if no one else is around who can provide the procedure, stepping in could make the difference for someone. With First Aid Fast on your iPhone, you’ll be prepared for any eventuality — not just the need to step in and provide CPR for someone. Designed to be a comprehensive source of first aid information for basic injuries and everyday situations, you’ll be ready to tackle any situation that arises.

With a CPR app such as First Aid Fast on your iPhone or Android mobile device, looking at the step by step quickly is easy to do. You can also use it to prepare and familiarise yourself with techniques far in advance of ever encountering an emergency situation. With videos provided that guide you through each part of the process, it’s the best CPR app out there. Plus, you can use it to phone for an ambulance anywhere in the world — the app adapts to your location to provide you with geographically relevant information and services.

Using a CPR app, you can quickly learn step by step what to do in an emergency

Whether you have an Android device or an iPhone, our CPR app works like a charm. Designed to empower individuals with knowledge about health and safety, it uses a clear guide to the proper application of CPR chest compression and mouth to mouth resuscitation. There’s no other CPR app for iPhone like this one because we also developed the best functionality for rapidly locating the nearest hospital. When you’re in a situation where there’s no time to wait for an emergency crew to arrive, you can equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to transport an injured person.

What else makes ours the best health app for Android? Besides the feature which allows you to call for an ambulance, it presents guides for treating many other injuries in the same straightforward style as the CPR information. For studying and being prepared to tackle a health emergency, this is simply the best choice out there. First Aid Fast is a must-have essential for any mobile device.

Are you ready for anything? Download the app today

With the power of our CPR app for Android in your hand, refreshing yourself on the way to perform this important technique is easy. Even if you do not have time to perform CPR yourself, you can easily use First Aid Fast to call for help. With the GPS integration the app features, it’s no problem telling emergency crews your exact location so they can arrive as soon as possible. Putting the power to potentially save a life in the palm of your hand is easy. Download the app today from Google Play and iTunes and never be far from help again.