The Australian First Aid National Conference

Featuring expert speakers from around Australia,

discussing the latest research findings in

First Aid Skills and best practices.


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The Australian First Aid Awards Launch

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Presenters include...

John Haines

Founder & Managing Director of Australian First Aid, Business Development Director at Rapid Response Revival, former MICA Flight Paramedic & Author

TOPIC: Closing the Survival Gaps

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour

Australian Institute for Tropical Health and Medicine

Associate Professor Jamie Seymour is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Tropical Biology at James Cook University. He teaches at all levels, with a particular focus on the subject of venomous animals. Much of his research involves examining the biology and ecology of dangerous species found in Australia. In 1998, he established and became Director of the Tropical Australian Venom Research Unit (TASRU) which is now recognised as one of the premier research groups in the world for the studies of the ecology and biology of box jellyfish and research into medical treatment of box jellyfish envenomation.

TOPIC: Recent Advances in Treatment of Jellyfish Stings: taking the sting out of the patient

Dr. Ben Beck

Deputy Head Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Research

Dr Ben Beck is Deputy Head of Prehospital, Emergency and Trauma Research in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and a Chief Investigator on the Victorian State Trauma Registry. Ben leads a large body of trauma and cardiac arrest research, with a focus on improving care to critically ill patients, reducing preventable deaths and developing injury prevention strategies.

TOPIC: Preventability of Trauma Deaths

Jeff Kenneally

Paramedic, Author and 2018 Australia Day Ambulance Service Medal Recipient

Jeff Kenneally has over thirty years’ experience as a paramedic in a busy and internationally reputed public ambulance system. The vast majority of this has been as an intensive care paramedic. For four years Jeff was responsible for overseeing the clinical practice guideline development and clinical work instructions for his state ambulance service. He oversaw the transition to full implementation of evidence-based clinical practice guideline development during that time. He was awarded the Ambulance Service Medal in the 2018 Australia Day honours.

TOPIC: Up, Down, Bent: the facts and pulp fiction of drug overdose

Terry Bowles

Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

Terry Bowles has a background in practice and leadership in school, clinical and educational and developmental psychological practice and research. Terry currently works at the University of Melbourne, training Educational and Developmental Psychologists. His university research programs generally focus on clinical and normal functioning, motivation, achievement, communication and relationships. He has published on change management, adaptive functioning, time orientation and affect, talent and talent development. He has served as the editor of the Australian Educational and Developmental Psychologist and is currently the editor of the Journal of Relationships Research.

TOPIC: Seven Motivating Conceptions of Learning with Strategies to Facilitate Learning

Rachael Martin

National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)

NCVER collects, manages, analyses, evaluates and communicates research and statistics about vocational education and training (VET) nationally. Rachael leads NCVER’s data quality program. She has more than 20 years’ experience in data management, research and auditing in both the VET education and market research sectors. She is passionate about the 'getting the data right' so decisions (business, research and policy) are based on high quality data and the effort required to achieve this is balanced against the demand this places on training organisations.

TOPIC: What you need to know about VET reporting and privacy

Australian First Aid Awards Launch

Introduction to the AFA Awards presented by John Haines