HLTAID007 Provide advanced resuscitation

Application and Relevance

This course applies to a range of industries
where first aiders need to be trained in the use
of specialised equipment in the provision of
resuscitation, including defibrillators, medical
oxygen and advanced airway management
devices. It is relevant for designated first aiders,
especially those working in manufacturing,
construction, mining or any occupation involving
remote or hazardous work.

4-5 hours
Total face-to-face training and assessment.

Course Content
This course deals with the skills and knowledge to understand the safety
requirements when handling an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), the skills
to use an AED within the first minutes after a cardiac arrest, as well as skills and
knowledge to safely perform oxygen therapy and resuscitation in the workplace. It
+ The importance of Defibrillation
+ Safety procedures when using AEDs
+ Administering automated external defibrillation
+ Use of oropharyngeal airway devices
+ Benefits of oxygen administration
+ Safe procedures when using medical oxygen equipment
+ Administering oxygen therapy to a spontaneously breathing patient
+ Resuscitation of a non-breathing casualty using ventilation, soft bag and mask
and manually triggered oxygen powered devices

There are no prerequisite units for this course, though it is recommended that
participants have language and literacy skills equivalent to level 3 of the Australian

Core Skills Framework (ACSF).
Assessment Methods
Progressive assessment throughout the course, including demonstration of practical
skills and written and oral questions relating to underpinning knowledge.

Award Issued
A nationally-recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued to all successful