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Establishing workplace safety is crucial. Too often, however, do employers struggle to implement successful strategies, with their own environments undermining every attempt. According to a recent study from Safe Work Australia, the presence of cardiovascular disease is alarmingly high within offices and industrial sites; and incidents of heart attacks and arrests prove common – with up to 22% of men and women experiencing them.

This number is shocking. Its causes, however, aren’t:

  • Increased Exposure to Hazardous Materials.
  • Increased Psychological Stress.
  • Increased Shiftwork and Unstable Scheduling.
  • Decreased Sleep.
  • Decreased Physical Activity.

These elements affect both mind and body – creating a less than optimal environment for employees and drastically raising the chance for a cardiac event. This forces companies to redefine their work cultures (emphasising wellness and stability) and improve their safety solutions. CPR courses in Brisbane, CPR courses in Sydney, and CPR courses in Melbourne become essential.

We are the leading provider of CPR courses online and since 1988 we’ve helped many companies achieve safer environments. We’ve connected employers and employees alike to the skills they need, enabling them to identify emergency situations and respond with efficiency. By blending hands-on demonstrations with virtual content, we allow our students to better absorb, understand, and apply information.

Bolster every workplace strategy with CPR courses in Melbourne, CPR courses in Brisbane, and CPR courses in Sydney. Contact Australian First Aid to learn more.

Choosing CPR Courses Online

The necessity of safety in the workplace is absolute – with a rise in cardiac events revealing the dangers of high stress and low activity. Should an emergency occur, companies must quickly respond.

CPR courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, and beyond ensure that these responses offer life-saving support, emphasising the need for:

  • Basic First Aid Principles.
  • Management of Airways and Breathing Patterns.
  • Proper Chest Compression Performance.
  • Administration of Rescue Breaths.
  • Use of a Defibrillator.
  • Communicating Details with Healthcare Officials (including paramedics and emergency call service operators).

By mastering these techniques, companies can better protect their employees against heart attacks, arrhythmias, and coronary incidents. CPR courses in Melbourne promote preparation and proactive results.

Accommodating Your Needs: Choosing CPR Courses Online

We understand that workplace processes demand an excess of time and dedication. Participating in CPR courses, therefore, is often a challenge. To accommodate every company, we provide flexible content – pairing online assessments with classroom training. This ensures more efficient scheduling for every student. Every effort is carefully tailored, providing RTO standards without the expected complications.

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We follow a simple philosophy: connect our students to solutions that save lives. We now encourage companies to adopt this idea, providing protection for their employees and addressing concerns of cardiac emergencies.

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