Recognise the Importance of CPR Training in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. Seek Online Courses from Australian First Aid.

Necessity defines every second. In the wake of an emergency, every response must be quickly given and every decision must be precisely made – with lives depending on the efficiency and effectiveness of medical providers. Too often, however, do these providers fail to offer the critical speed, with ambulance arrival times proving wildly unreliable.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the average waiting period for each state is:

  • NSW: 20 minutes.
  • VIC: 19 minutes.
  • QLD: 15 minutes.
  • WA: 14 minutes.
  • SA: 15 minutes.
  • TAS: 17 minutes.
  • ACT: 12 minutes.
  • NT: 18 minutes.

Those in need of critical care may find themselves without access to it – and the need for CPR training in Brisbane, CPR training in Sydney, and CPR training in Melbourne becomes essential for carers, educators, community service providers, and other individuals. Providing immediate, comprehensive support is crucial.

Since 1988 we’ve provided our students with the skills and resources they need to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation within all environments. We offer CPR training online and on-site, delivering a dynamic programme emphasising incident assessment, management, and responses. We enable men and women to take active wellness roles and this is essential – helping to counter slow ambulance arrivals and improve chances of recovery.

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The Value of CPR Training Online: Our Course

There’s no second to spare during an emergency. Simply waiting for an ambulance to arrive, therefore, could prove costly – endangering the lives and well-beings of others. CPR training in Brisbane, Melbourne, and beyond addresses this issue directly. It provides:


    li>Assessment of Cardiac Situations.
  • Application of First Aid Principles.
  • Application of Airway Management.
  • Application of Chest Compressions.
  • Administration of Rescue Breaths, and more.

Through these steps, individuals can lessen the effects of cardiac arrest, heart attack, and other issues – with CPR training in Melbourne or Sydney ensuring immediate aid.

Seeking CPR Training Online: Our Qualifications

We understand the importance of CPR training. We also, however, understand the importance of qualified instruction – with students receiving comprehensive information, training, and practical skills. We provide all three.

Since 1988, we’ve offered students life-saving solutions. We boast experienced instructors, well-established methodologies, and recognition as the nation’s first private first aid provider to achieve RTO approval. We combine foundational skills with an array of world-class products and applications, bolstering the success of every course.

In Need of CPR Training in Sydney, Melbourne, or Beyond? Contact Australian First Aid Today.

Ambulance response times are too often slow, forcing individuals to suffer through dangerous cardiac events. Learn to combat this issue through CPR training. To find out more about our programme contact us today. Use our online form to request further information. Our team will gladly answer questions regarding class schedules, available products, app options, prices, and more.