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Depending upon your field or trade and where you live, you may be required to have some form of formal first aid training. You can get all of the education you need when you enrol in a first aid course online at Australian First Aid. We have been providing Australians with quality first aid and emergency training since 1988 and have grown into one of the nation’s largest providers of training and first aid related equipment. With our professional staff of qualified trainers and commitment to solutions to save lives, we offer classroom and online training to individuals and small or large organisations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and the rest of the nation.

Obtain the Training You Need

If your job requires you to be trained in first aid, we can help. Sign up for our basic first aid course in Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne and complete your coursework and assessments in a matter of days. Many employers accept the Provide First Aid course as sufficient for meeting a first aid requirement. Students learn to assess and provide care in a variety of emergency situations. There are no prerequisites for basic first aid though anyone participating needs to have literacy and numeracy skills equivalent to level 2 of the National Reporting System. You are assessed throughout the course using traditional (written and oral questions) means and on your practical demonstration of skills. When completed, you receive a Statement of Attainment that is recognised throughout Australia.

Other Course Offerings

Australian First Aid does not just provide a basic first aid course for Sydney residents. We offer a variety of courses all designed to give participants world class training in emergency first aid. In addition to basic first aid, we also offer advanced training for those who work in an environment where such training is valuable or who feel the need to be more prepared in case they find themselves in an emergency. We offer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as well as advanced resuscitation for those who may work in manufacturing, construction, or an occupation that could be deemed hazardous. With the number of people who have respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies, we now offer a course in the emergency management of asthma and a course in dealing with allergic reactions. At Australian First Aid, we stay ahead of the curve and offer training solutions designed to save lives.

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With a team of highly qualified trainers, tailored online coursework, and quality assessments, we were the first private first aid provider that was ever approved and nationally recognised as a registered training organisation. We continue to play a huge role in the development of national standards for all Australian workplaces and first providers.

We continue to strive to provide quality solutions for life saving and have done so with our First Aid Fast app. The mobile app can be downloaded to a smartphone or mobile device and is designed to help anyone deliver first aid in an emergency situation. The app is just one of many interactive methods of first aid delivery and training offered by Australian First Aid. You can visit our YouTube page for more information on our training as well as helpful videos on a range of topics. To book your course today, call us directly on 1300 975 889 or click the Book Now button on our website.