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Don’t get caught out! First Aid emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Keep this quick and easy first aid guide in the palm of your hand and you’ll always be prepared.

First Aid Fast puts essential, life-saving first aid knowledge at your fingertips, wherever you are worldwide. Immediately access straightforward, step-by-step first aid guides and videos, locate your nearest hospital or call an ambulance in app when you need help fast.

Save Lives

Get step-by-step easy-to-follow A to Z guides and videos for common first aid incidents.

Call an Ambulance Globally

Call via the app at the push of a button – you’ll be put through to a local ambulance service, wherever you are in the world. Your phone’s GPS location will also be visible – tell them exactly where you are so they can find you fast.

Worldwide Hospital Locator

Find the closest hospital to you, wherever you are in the world. Get turn-by-turn audio directions to that location.

Help’s Always at Hand

This easy-to-use app protects you and your family. It helps you stay calm in a crisis by clearly listing everything you need to know – so you can act fast and be prepared.

A Travelling Essential

First Aid Fast is a great resource for travelling, family trips, trekking or anyone who wants to retrieve the latest first aid

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